The Thembani Eagle Hout Integrated Project developed out of a need assessment survey done by a SANPAD sponsored research project in Bedford by Dr Lana-Lorraine Blom- “Psychological strengths as a point of departure: a different way of looking at unemployment and poverty in a small rural town”

Our main aim was to provide sustainable employment opportunities in this rural community by engaging a labour intensive, environmentally- friendly business model with a social outreach component.Our job creation started when the recycling of redundant optic cable was identified as a labour intensive business opportunity – After various “serious” deliberations Thembani Project became a subcontractor for Sindawonye Granulators under the auspices of Telkom –

Thembani is still the only recyclers of redundant optic cable in the Southern hemisphere We are in the very privileged situation that Sindawonye Granulators have adopted us as a rural project in the Eastern Cape midlands town of Bedford.

The forming of partnerships with committed and dedicated bigger companies could play an enormous role in the upliftment of rural towns. Sindawonye Granulators have been our biggest and absolutely consistent sponsor since 2003 and for this we salute them.This recycling project creates much needed employment in this small rural town. It also became a stepping stone for further development and social outreach initiatives.